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Founded in 1979 by Cameron McDougall CPA (Canada), CMA as a Canadian tax practice with a specialty in US Canadian tax issues he saw the need for a specialty website dealing with international gambling tax issues and began CasinoTaxRebate.com in 2006. CasinoTaxRebate.com is a member of the Better Business Bureau (see interactive BBB seal at bottom of page). We provide U.S.A. Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) certifications and US Casino Tax Refund services. Whether you are recovering $500.00 in taxes or $500,000.00 in taxes we have the experience required to obtain your refund. We have never been refused any valid refund since we started recovering Gambling taxes in 2001.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise we have established a reputation as the best Casino Tax Service in Canada. 


Meet the CasinoTaxRebate team:

  • Cameron McDougall CPA, CMA

    Cameron McDougall CPA, CMA

  • Patricia McDougall Office Manager

    IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent
    Patricia McDougall

  • Other members of our great team include:
    Shaundra Benincasa
    Thom Carr
    Trudy Rajaniemi

    You can contact any of our team toll-free at
    or by email at support@casinotaxrebate.com