Casino Tax Recovery

The U.S. Canada Tax Treaty and How It Can be Helpful If You are A Canadian Gambler

If you are a Canadian gambler who loves to patronize casinos in the US, it is essential to know as much as possible about the U.S. Canada tax treaty. When you gamble in the US you will only be able to take home 70% of your winnings since the rest will be withheld as winnings taxes. The IRS has mandated that all Canadians must pay a 30% tax on the amount they win. However, Casino Tax Rebate can help you with casino tax recovery Canada. The taxes can be heavy but if you are an educated gambler you can get even with a full tax refund.

Because of the tax treaty, Canadians can claim US tax recovery casino winnings from the IRS. Plenty of gamblers who are aware about this often attempt to get the recovery on their own. However, many of these are asked to send in original passports and basically follow a lengthy and a very frustrating process which often amounts to nothing. There are no guarantees that you will get a refund even after following the entire process and filing for a refund.

You may not have full information about this tax treaty and may not know the taxation laws in detail, relying on firms that specialize in this can often turn out to be the best possible course of action to follow. The IRS can be difficult and very intimidating. These firms also help you get the most casino tax recovery for Canadians and save you from having to deal with the IRS on your own.