Casino Tax Refund

As an avid casino lover and gambler, I visit Las Vegas as often as I can. I’ve been using the services of Casino Tax Rebate since the last 3 years for US casino tax refunds. I frequent the casinos in the US very regularly and often win sizeable amounts. Until 3 years back I’d simply learned to ignore the 30% withheld tax deducted from my winnings because I didn’t really know much about the casino tax refund for Canadian process. I had no idea that it was possible for Canadians to get that money back.

A friend of mine, a professional gambler, had then told me that it is possible to do so. Since I had no idea how the process works or what I would need to do to get my money back, he suggested that I should contact a professional firm that can guide. Since the last 3 years I have been dealing with on a regular basis and I have been immensely satisfied with their services. Along the way they guided me about the records I need to keep to ensure that I get the maximum refund and I’ve been following their suggestions closely and therefore have been able to get back a full refund in most cases.

I find Casino Tax Rebate very reliable and transparent in all their dealings with me. It has been a pleasure working them because of their very professional approach. All I have to do is to fill up the casino tax refund form and provide them a few documents and they handle everything else for me. They made it easier for me to enjoy more of my winnings rather than always be wary of how much I’d have to pay the IRS for everything I won. Thanks again!