Casino Tax Rebate ®

Recovery of USA federal tax withheld

Our fee includes recovering your federal tax on gambling winnings per calendar year (i.e. 2013 would be a separate charge from 2015) . If the IRS should incorrectly process your tax refund we will file any amendment to restore your refund  as well as communicate with the IRS to resolve your issue at no charge. We are with you all the way until you get your refund!

$175.00* plus $50.00 per 1042-s winning. ( Fees in CDN dollars)

We are members of the Better Business Bureau (see interactive seal at the bottom of this page - ie. click on the icon to see our report with BBB) and we always provide a written quote of your total fees before you are committed.

Call 1-800-959-3387 now for your custom quote.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

If you do not already have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number from the U.S.A. there is a one-time fee for the preparation of the W7 form.

Call for pricing.

*Pay at Par-----Fees are in Canadian Dollars Plus GST/HST for Canadian residents.  Your tax refund is mailed directly to you from the IRS. The IRS tax refund is in USD.

You will receive a written quotation of your exact fee once we receive your application (including copies of your winnings slips).

We also offer an alternative way to pay.

You can opt to pay the fee after the gambling tax refund has been issued by the IRS. NOTE: Should you choose this payment method fees would be in US dollars plus a 20% premium.


Regular fee of $200.00 USD x 20% Premium = $40.00

Total fee: $200.00 + $40.00 = $240.00 USD

You can opt to receive a quote in Canadian dollars or US dollars on our online application. Simply indicate which payment option you would like to take advantage of and we’ll send you the written estimate that corresponds with your choice.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these payment terms please contact us for further details at 1-800-959-3387.