Gambling Tax Back

My wife and I visited Las Vegas six months ago for a fun gambling trip. Although we’ve been to Vegas a few times in the past, this was the trip that proved to be the most exciting for us because we ended up winning a total of approximately $3000 in the 2 days we spent in the casinos. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that $900 from the amount would be deducted as gambling tax deduction. Our mood was completely spoiled and $900 is not a small amount that you can simply just forget about.

I had heard about gambling tax recovery earlier and knew that US citizens could recover back the taxes they paid if they could show the records and a few documents but I had no idea how it all worked out for Canadians. So I decided to contact the team at I have to say, I wasn’t very hopeful of ever getting that $900 back but I thought I should at least try. I explained my case to them and they told me everything about how the tax rebate works. I was definitely excited to know that I could at least get some of this amount back.

So I filled up the gambling tax back form they asked me to show some records and a few of the receipts that I had kept and they got the process in motion. 2 months ago I received $700 back and I am extremely thankful to Casino Tax Rebate for all the work they put in. If it hadn’t been for their guidance I would’ve been completely lost and wouldn’t have known what to do at all. I will definitely recommend their services to all other Canadians who often gamble in the US.