US Tax Recovery

I often travel to Atlantic City and Las Vegas with my friends, sometimes three or four times a year. We all love gambling and the thrill of winning money from slots, blackjack and poker can be quite something. Over the years we have managed to win a decent sum of money but were always a little frustrated with the 30% of taxes that we had to pay. I never knew much about the US tax recovery gambling details and simply went on paying taxes each time I won any money.

A few months back one of my friends told me about Casino Tax Rebate and the US tax recovery casino winnings and how it is possible to get a refund on the 30% that got deducted on my recent trip to Vegas. I asked around and did a little research online for US tax recovery for Canadians. I was completely baffled with all the terms and heard a few horror stories about other gamblers who wasted weeks following up and visiting the US to get a refund and never managed to get back a dime.

It was fortunate that I heard about on time. From the moment I first contacted them I was rest assured that I was in good hands. They were completely professional and had detailed knowledge about the entire process. They explained the entire process to me and told me what I needed to do and which US tax recovery forms I was to fill. They were prompt with all their communications and always kept me updated about the status every step of the way.

I got my refund last week, a FULL refund I may add, and was absolutely excited! I want to thank the team at Casino Rebate for all their help.